‘Glitch’ – Welcome to Yoorana. Population 7000 and rising.


The sleepy outback town of Yoorana is about to get a wake-up call like no other and it’s one they won’t easily forget.

As local police Sergeant Hayes, much to his horror and delight, is about to discover.

When, in the middle of a perfectly normal, warm outback night, he is called out to the old cemetery, only to discover that six of his departed townsfolk, have inexplicably returned from the dead.

At first , the shock of finding a group of naked, grubby, yet oh so clearly alive people , hiding in the cemetery in the dark of the night, makes Hayes think that this must be either some kind of weird prank or bizarre accident.

Yet as he begins to gather them up he makes an inexplicable discovery that changes his perspective of the whole night.

Among the six newly animated towns folk are Yoorana’s first ever mayor, a world war one solider, a murdered moody teenager, a bush-ranger from as far back as one hundred years ago and much to his disbelief, Sargent Hayes’ own recently deceased, former wife.

After the reanimated are gathered up and they are taken to the town’s only doctor, where questions begin to emerge as to why the risen are back,  and how on earth could such a thing even be possible?

During the course of this amazing six part series we discover the true identity of each arisen person as they all, one by one, begin remembering the circumstances of their deaths.

Whilst some of the newly arisen mistakenly attempt to engage in acts of either atonement or revenge, others who have nothing to either atone for or avenge, begin making discoveries of their own.

Leading us toward the understanding that not everyone or everything in this town is exactly as they seem.

Just how and why these particular six people were reanimated and why, in the remote township of Yoorana of all places, is still up for grabs by the end of the first season.

Glitch is quite unlike any other television series in this genre.

The opening scene of the six of re-emerging from their graves, caked in mud, wide-eyed with fear and confusion, yet oh so gloriously alive, is simply one of the best you’ll ever see.

Unique and refreshing this series puts a whole new spin on a genre that’s previously been described as American Gothic.

But this isn’t American.

This is Australian Gothic at its very best.

I can’t wait for season two of this one of a kind T.V show.