My Top Ten Books of 2015

This seems like an absolutely must read list of the best books released
in 2015. Are there any others you’d like to add.

Ajoobacats Blog

Following last year’s formula, I filtered all the books I’d read in 2015 on Goodreads, of which there were 235, I looked exclusively at the books I had awarded five stars, 61 books in total for 2015. I then went back and read my reviews of these books and with a lot of difficulty chose the ones I liked best. It was extremely hard to pick the best out of a number of books I absolutely loved.

It was particularly hard to choose my top three as a number of books lifted the bar for thrillers, particularly the psychological thriller genre, for me this year. As always these are my personal favourites and may not reflect your own choice in best books of 2015.

Without further procrastination these were the stars of 2015 for me, click on the titles to see my original review and for links to the books.

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