Utopia…. Australia’s Shame

Utopia is a documentary that successfully  strips back the layers of disgrace that have, for far too long, been applied by successive governments within Australia, to both oppress and dispossess native aboriginals, not just of their land, but of their  very culture.

John Pilger’s documentary shows just how this malevolent practice of dispossession is taking place today.

Here are just some of the topics covered in the broadly sweeping documentary.

Many Australian’s are familiar with the acts of atrocity committed by governments against Aboriginal women, children and families that are now collectively known as the”Stolen Generation”.

For those of you who are not familiar with the language of the “Stolen Generation”, this was a time in which government policy insisted on the enforced removal of aboriginal babies and children from their families.

Those babies and children were then placed in government-run “institutions” and either adopted out to white families or trained in the fine are of becoming house slaves.

The idea being to eventually breed the “black” out of not just Aboriginal beings but also to bread within those stolen children an indelible ignorance of their true culture and it’s ways.

Eventually the Australian Government, under Kevin Rudd said “Sorry” whilst at the same time saying…. there will be no compensation paid to those who suffered either the indignities of having been stolen or  of being stolen from.

It also covers the racist intervention campaign that took sway against Aboriginal Communities in the 90’s during which Aboriginal men were labelled pedophiles, drunks, wife basher’s and on the whole were portrayed by both the government and the media of the time, as being nothing short of the blackest most evil villains to ever walk the earth.

Decades later the truth of the whole affair slowly emerged.

Aboriginal men, it would seem, were not the villains after all. The Australian government and it’s shameful attempt at yet another land grab of sacred Aboriginal lands, were the villains.

The outback, the red center, and many of the arid dry lands in which remote Aboriginal communities were banished too, are now known to be full of valuable minerals.

Minerals that mining companies would, and quite possibly already have, kill for.

But unlike the native Indigenous people’s of other nations, Australia’s Aboriginals have never signed a “treaty”, this means, they have never signed away their land.

Rather their land was invaded and  then stolen from them.

Australian Aboriginals are now the most highly persecuted Indigenous people in the world according to UNICEF.

They live in the most unsafe and unsanitary conditions imaginable.

Yet nothing is being done by the Australian government, even in this new millennium, to either acknowledge or address this issue.

Utopia in short, is a must see documentary for anyone who has a passion or interest in issues surrounding social injustice, displacement, or the oppression of native people’s.

It is a documentary that should be shown in every Australian classroom across the land.

Ignorance should no longer  be used as the  excuse for the many injustices perpetrated against Australia’s Aboriginals.

Perhaps then both the truth and the tragedy  that Aboriginal women are still having their babies and children taken off them, today, in this current age, will sink in.




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